Tha Pom Khlong Song Nam

The park’s ecology includes abundant mangrove and banyan trees and a wide range of crabs and lizards. Crystal-clear water pours off a nearby limestone mountain, mixing with seawater and turning emerald as you head towards the ocean, especially at high tide. A raised wooden walkway takes you to view snaking roots of banyans beneath glass-like water at low tide. Though it’s tempting to swim in the clearest parts of the stream, this is bad for the fragile ecology and visitors may only dip in a designated area near the entrance.

Even though it’s not an actual waterfall, Khlong Song Nam is arguably more beautiful than Than Bok Khorani waterfall further north, and it can easily be visited on the same day. The walkways, pavilions and footbridges blend into the natural environment, a very peaceful setting that’s also great for a picnic. Very few foreign travellers make it here.

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